10 Best Street Foods You Can Enjoy in Karachi During a Rainy Day!


Karachi is known for its food. Whether it is a fancy restaurant or a roadside cafe, the food business in Karachi is booming.

When you’re on a budget or just not in the mood to dress up, your best bet it to hit the roadside dhabas and cafes.

Not only do they offer some very delectable options, but they also won’t judge you for showing up in those nightsuit pajamas. Plus they happily serve you in your cars, so you don’t even have to get down.

Bun Kebabs were the kings of fast food before burgers swooped in to steal the glory. However, they haven’t been completely replaced. Many days at work for us have been saved by making a quick stop to the bun kebab stall nearby. You can find a stall at almost every corner of the road. But if you’re looking for the absolute best ones, we recommend the famous ‘Nursery ke Bun Kebabs’.


7 Best Nihari Places in Karachi

“Nihari”, the very name of this dish is enough to get you salivating! This was a breakfast item in the Mughal Era, and is still the heart wining food item of every other Pakistani. Nihari, with chopped green chilies, coriander leaves, lemons, fried onion, “bhagaar”, sliced ginger and of course, “tandoori roti”, adds up to …


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